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Hey! thanks for dropping by my blog. My name is Wan Rosli Wan Othman (a typical Malay name) but to make things easy you may call me Rosli. I was based near Cardiff, Wales for a few years but am now based in London. Capturing beautiful and priceless moments at weddings is my specialty. Besides that, I also shoot portraiture and events. I am one of the official photographer for The Welsh Premier Football League and also for the Wales International Football. This is my online presence where you can read, see and occasionally hear about all aspect of my life – at work and at play, personal and professional. If you like my work and wish to hire me as your photographer then do have a look at my SERVICES page for more info on what I’m offering and shoot me an email HERE. If you are a budding photographer (any level at all) then, I’d love to hear your stories and get to know you. Who knows this might be the beginning of a fruitful friendship. Feel free to use the form below shoot me an email. Oh, if you scroll down the page you’ll see my facebook and twitter badge – feel free to follow my life there as well. Thanks for the visit.

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Alexandra + Richard [ The Wedding ] | The RSA House

This was a wedding recently shot at The RSA House in London. It was something new for me as I have never shot a pregnant bride before. Alexandra and Richard first met at their work place and their relationship quickly turned into something special. The venue was chosen to support the Charitable work of the RSA. It is a 1770’s beautifully restored Georgian building located just off the Strand in Central London. The ceremony were to take place at the basement in the Vaults. The lightings down at the vaults were very low and challenging and once again my trustworthy 5D Mark II were put to the test! Everything went smoothly as planned and I had a great time working with couple and the whole crowd. Here are some shots from the day…

Rhiannon + Neil [ The Wedding ] | Egerton Grey Country House

One thing I love about my job is that I get invited to all sorts of new places and they are all cool places! Last month I got to shoot a big asian wedding at Manchester United Football Club and last week I was invited to Egerton Grey Country House Hotel in Porthkerry, near Barry where Rhiannon is marrying her long time partner Neil. As always, I arrived early to have a look around and scout the place for some ideas for later. The place was just too perfect for a small english wedding. The classic english style property was situated on a beautiful piece of land surrounded by a breath taking view. There’s a small garden and tarrace outside the property – perfect for outdoor portraiture. The only thing that worries me was that it was a cloudy day and I can see dark clouds moving its way closer

Snowy Wales

Britain was hit by a massive snow fall last few days and for Wales it was the heaviest since the 80’s. Last Wednesday saw 5 to 6 inches of snow at our place. School’s closed and my wife was snowed in and couldn’t get to for the first time ever since we moved here, we had the chance to enjoy the snow as a family! Being in Wales, it’s not easy to see snow this thick. Meet the latest member of our clan – ‘Mr. Sledge’ – name given by Danial

Winter Romance

I went out to Cardiff during the big fall on Wednesday in search for some good snow images for my stock portfolio. Most of them are the usual snow scene with white landscape and trees covered with snow. But just when my fingers started to feel numb from the sub-zero temperature this young couple stopped about 100 yards away from me and started embracing each other! The scene was just like in the movies and was too good to be true..I quickly pulled my long lens and managed to have a quick snap before they parted and walked towards me. I didn’t even get the chance to meter the shot! Almost like a quick draw in a cowboy shoot-out.. and as the young couple walked past me, I had a quick glance on my screen and to my amazement the shot came out perfect! It made my day. Talking about

David + Laura [ The Wedding ]

About a month ago I did a wedding of David and Laura in Pontypridd. There’s also a preview of their BIG DAY a few posts below. Dave and Laura Met in October 2015 at GMAC when they worked together whilst David was between engineering jobs, from there they became good friends and then fell in love in April 2015. Laura grew up in Oxfordshire but have moved in to stay with Dave in Pontypridd. Dave on the other hand is a true Welshman and a king with his guitars! Professionally, Dave is an Aircraft Engineer, and most recently has been working for a precision engineering company while Laura still works for GMAC but have recently been offered a job as a property negotiator with local real-estate agent. The couple is blessed with Ella who is 4 and Aiden 6 months old cute baby boy. It was a beautiful day with

Official Photographer for the Welsh Premier League season 09/10

Yup! I just got my WPL accreditation approved and my Photo Bip together with the Media Pass came in the post yesterday. The pass gives me total access to the Press Box, Press Room, Mixed Zone and the Photographers Zone at all WPL Grounds. Finally I get to cover the BIG games. Having said that, I’ll still go to the lower leagues once in a while if I feel like it. So if I am not busy doing weddings, I’ll be at one those games. Owh, keep a look out if you’re watching Sgorio on S4C, I might be by the pitch..very excited about it!

Football Fever

Football season has started here in the UK and over the last two weeks I have had the opportunity to cover several International and local league matches. Here are a few of my fav from each match.

Welsh Football League One Champions

ENTO Aberaman travelled to Powys last week to seal their place at the top of MacWhirter Welsh League Division One and they’ve done it in a very stylish 8-0 win over Dinas Powys. With the win ENTO overtook rival team Goytre United with just 1 point. ENTO now hopes that the celebration will continue pending their appeal to the Welsh Premier League Board who has rejected their promotion application after ground inpection. However, ENTO officials are confident that the issue will be resolved in time before the next season. All the best to them! Here’s a few shots from the game..